DARE defining manufacturability of alloys flow diagram

Research programme overview

The research in the DARE project is wide-ranging, composed of a number of work packages that tackle different aspects of alloy production, and its optimisation in the manufacture of components. Whilst a range of alloy families are being studied, the studies themselves are strongly interlinked, and solutions are likely to be generally applicable.

There are three principle areas of study:

  1. Design of resource efficient alloys for manufacture – develop new alloys that offer both higher performance and reduced reliance on key elements.
  2. From Manufacturing to Performance – the integration of microstructure-based models with improved material microstructure specification to allow less material to be used to achieve higher performance. This framework will enable better material specification with lower variability, allowing 20-40% improvements in design properties.
  3. From Performance to Manufacturing – Reduction in material waste, increased productivity and higher performance demand the development of manufacturing routes to (near) net shape to reduce wastage and assist in developing economically attractive down-cycling opportunities.
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