Lifecycle City


Lifecycles City: SCEnATAR is a sustainable city game powered by Augmented Reality (AR) technology for use on a mobile device, which aims to raise awareness about environmental, economic and social impacts through the construction, maintenance and upgrading of a city. The game will allow players to build a city and will measure the CO₂ equivalent plus other factors such as health, education & happiness, as each item is developed; the lower the CO₂ equivalent the more currency will be available for the next stage of development of the city.

The game is meant to be used as a discussion tool by schools and other educators in conjunction with other learning resources about Life Cycle Assessment and Resource Efficiency.  You can download the game on your mobile device at one of the links below plus other documents that may be of interest:


LifeCycle CityPoster     Tips      DARE LCA Report – Mg   DARE LCA Report – Steel   Spottheatom



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