Use of 3-D Dislocation Dynamics and Large Scale Atomistic Simulations in Understanding the Mechanical Behavior Of Metallic Systems

A talk by Dr Satish Rao of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, EPFL, Lausanne

Thomas Young Centre at 5pm on Thursday 26th March in room G01 of the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College London.

Satish Rao is a pioneer in the modelling of dislocations at atomistic and mesoscopic scales and was the first to implement the Flex II boundary conditions in a density functional calculation of the core structure of a bcc screw dislocation. Ingo Steinbach is a world leading expert and developer of phase field models. The phase field is a powerful method for the prediction of microstructural evolution. Both these techniques are likely to prove pivotal in the DARE approach to alloy design.

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