DARE PhD student to work with leading academic at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Guy Skinner, a PhD student based at Kings College London and a member of the  DARE programme, has been offered a summer internship with Professor John Moriarty of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

This opportunity came as a result of personal communication with John Moriarty regarding the Generalised Pseudopotential Theory (GPT) he developed, which enabled Guy to subsequently develop his own mathematical model for use in the DARE research theme “Magnesium Alloys less dependent on Rare Earth additions”.

During his internship Guy will be working with John Moriarty on the creation of novel Mg-Ca, Mg-Li pair potentials using GPT. These will be used to simulate the energetics of defects and interfaces in these alloy systems with DFT-like accuracy.

We look forward to hearing more about Guy’s research activities in the US on his return in the autumn.

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