The manufacturing and processing of metals to form components is one of the largest industrial sectors and accounts for 46 per cent of all manufactured value. Key to future success is the introduction of new metal alloys that are designed and processed in a resource efficient manner. In recent years, alloy design has moved from the informed trial and error approach to one of sophisticated computational alloy and process design.

The “Designing Alloys for Resource Efficiency” (DARE) Workshop will explain how it is contributing towards a resource-efficient and low-carbon economy to reduce its reliance on strategic metals and minimise waste through the development of new metal alloys. The DARE Programme will hold our final symposium over two days at Halifax Hall in Sheffield, giving a snapshot of state-of-the-art resource efficient alloy design.

Presentations will cover the following topics:

  • Alloy design from first principals through to experimental validation;
  • Resource efficient high strength, formable alloys;
  • Resource efficient net shape manufacturing technologies;
  • Processing recycled alloys to useful products.

The conference fee includes a drinks reception and dinner on the evening of 11 February; details of the programme can be found below:

Programme 2020 conference


Registration: please click here to register.

Sponsored student places: Royce @ Sheffield have offered to sponsor 5 student places at the conference for students from the University of Sheffield; please contact us at with your name and email address requesting a Royce sponsored student place in the message box.

Directions to the venue can be found on the hotel website; a parking permit will be available to download shortly.


Details about accommodation at the University or within Sheffield can be found at this link.





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